Forever wanderer (twistedlogic) wrote in bigbrothertv,
Forever wanderer

Things that make me sad...

The Big Brother 6 line up this year includes 22 yo girls and the oldest person (a guy) is 36? Hello?? I liked the dynamic when they had the youngest be 24 (I'm just thankful there isn't a 19 yo included this time around) and the eldest to be like 50. It's a mental game and you need the diversity to make it really great.

Ok that's enough of that. Hopefully I'll remember it starts next week.
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Yeah...the trend to make everybody young 'n pretty on BB is making it look like just another stupid reality show...I much prefer the more diverse line up in past seasons as well. But I guess I'll give it one more try...
I'm giving it one more try as well. Though I have a feeling unless they pull something uber disgusting, I'll give each season a try each summer until it goes off the air. Why oh why am I sucked into this? I just love the mental game of being stuck in such a small environment.....
I agree. I'm not a big fan of this trend on reality tv that seems to focus more on people who are 20-30 years old. Bleh. I like diversity (and people who don't look like models or actors).
I do find it interesting how this season seems to be more "Real World"-esq. Putting the Fire Fighter in the house with the Iraq Muslim. Theres bound to be drama. Although, It's so refreshing to see an Arab on TV for once. It's like every reality show gets one minority unless they luck out and find a black gay guy, then its 2 birds with one stone; but it's Big Brother so you know its going to all work out in the end. A bitter end, but an end none the less. <./ramble>